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Subaru of Fort Myers Finance Center

Subaru Financing and Leases in Fort Myers

Finance Your Subaru at Subaru of Fort Myers

Subaru makes great cars that are worth your investment in Fort Myers. Not only do they have great engineering, but they're highly reliable as well. It's no wonder that so many drivers in Punta Gorda prefer them. Our dealership sells both new and used Subaru models. Our finance department can help you drive home your dream vehicle today at a great price.

Subaru Leases

Subaru End of Lease Options explains what happens at the end of the lease? Subaru End of Lease Loyalty Program designed to save current lessees cash.

Finance Options


Our interest rates are some of the lowest in the industry. This keeps your monthly payment down and allows you to drive a more expensive vehicle. The loan terms are very flexible to suit whatever objectives you have. Our credit score requirements are lenient. Less-than-stellar credit is never an issue, and we are always willing to work within your budget.

Loan Versus Leasing

Some people in Cape Coral prefer leasing. It's nice to be able to drive a new car every few years. This is when the car is most reliable, and the manufacturer warranty still applies.

Leasing typically requires a higher credit score than a loan. But the down payment and monthly charges are lower, meaning you can afford a more expensive vehicle. For some, this might mean getting more safety equipment like driver assistance technologies.

If you're looking at the total cost of ownership, a loan is cheaper. Leasing new cars occur when cars depreciate the most rapidly. If you want to minimize your car expenses, drive a vehicle until it no longer makes sense due to the repairs.

You should also be aware that you have to return a car in good condition with a lease. Drivers in Estero who get dings in the parking lot will have to pay extra charges.

There are also mileage limits. A long road trip in Punta Gorda might result in some fees.

Apply Online

Now, you can apply for financing from the convenience of your own home. Go to our website and check out the application.

We've helped many drivers in Fort Myers drive home their dream car. Our finance department will work overtime to get the deal done. So, come by Subaru of Fort Myers and schedule a test drive today.